About the Host- Shenzhen Children’s Hospital

Shenzhen Children’s Hospital (SZCH) is located in the central part of Shenzhen city, Guangdong Province, China. Since its launch in 1997, our hospital has gradually become one of the best pediatric medical centers in southern China. We provide a complete range of healthcare services for children from birth through to early adulthood.

We have 37 clinical departments and a variety of advanced medical equipment. The following seven clinical specialties are some of the best in Guangdong Province: Respiratory Medicine, Rheumatology and Immunology, Hematology and Oncology, Neurology, Neonatology, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and Pediatric surgery. The laboratory of molecular diagnosis for critical diseases and the laboratory of high-throughput genome sequencing of pathogens are key laboratories in Shenzhen city.

Today, the hospital has 1000 open beds and more than 1700 medical staff. In 2016, outpatient visits reached 1.7 million with 59000 inpatient admissions and 22200 surgeries.

Over the past three years, the hospital has received more than 9 million USD in research funds. It has also undertaken 147 research projects supported by the National Natural Science Fund, “863 Project”, the Guangdong Province Natural Science Fund, etc. A total of 567 research papers have been published, approximately 66 of which have been indexed by SCI.

Education is a cornerstone of Shenzhen Children’s Hospital’s mission. In addition to being the pediatric training center for medical students, we are home to internships, residencies and a continuous medical education programs to support the training of tomorrow's caregivers.

SZCH Public Charity has been committed to developing and integrating social resources in order to support and help families in need. Shenzhen Medical Assistance Charity Union for Poor Children was established in 2013 and serves as a platform for medical assistance, public charity service and communication activities. At present, more than 10 charitable organizations, 17 non-governmental organizations and 5 enterprises joined the Medical Assistant Charity Union. V-Care space project was established by the Shenzhen Project Care Office and SZCH in July 2014 and debuted as the first Public Welfare Information Harbor and Public Service Experience Harbor in China. Throughout the duration of these projects, more than 3 million USD has been raised for medical charity and over 600 impoverished families have received medical assistance.

Shenzhen Children’s Hospital will strive to be the leader in the advancement of healthcare for children through excellent patient care, innovative research, and quality professional education.

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